Thursday, July 24, 2014

Atlantic City's future?

The Boardwalk!

Atlantic City. It thrived for years...but now...?

We used to drive “down the shore” to the boardwalk and beach and, of course, the big casino. 
        Philadelphia was about an hour or so away...lots of busses with the elderly and their pocket change for the cheap slots.
The food was companion at the time liked to sit at the poker table...I preferred the slots and an occasional try at roulette.
The one thing that didn’t change was the area around the casino.  It never really got rich off the tourists so it was kinda like in a hold in the 1950’s or 60’s.  Most folks didn’t dig that so much as the slots and tables.
Now word is Trump may close and the city’s bond rate just got things don’t look so good.
Well...Obama can house a whole bunch of Mexicans in the Trump...and pay for it out of your tax dollars, of course.
It’s a sad scene.  
Vegas seems to be doing ok though.  Should be plenty of cheap labor coming across Obama’s open border available for all those hotels out there.
Baseball....we didn’t steal any signs last night and got whipped.  
We’ll give the Braves one out of four...cry baby Freddi will be going at it about the Marlins cheating just as soon as we shut them down tonight....taking 3 out of 4 on THEIR home turf.
  Henderson A. is pitching (our best)....go get em kid!

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