Thursday, July 10, 2014

what's bigger...George Clooney or SPACE?

     ...just viewed GRAVITY for the first IS one hell of a movie and Sandra Bullock deserved an Oscar.  But they don’t like to hand out two Oscars for best something or another to quickly and she recently won for The Blind Side. 
This film also proves a “little” of George Clooney is just fine!
It took a whole bunch of awards...all well deserved.  One marvels at the way it was directed and filmed. I was frightened for Sandra just sitting in my living room.
Speaking of best fims...I had posted a few months ago on ARGO...the Ben Affleck film about getting Americans out of crazy Iran.
I didn’t then but I do know now that Argo won best picture.  Well deserved also.  Ben was so good I didn’t even know it was him!

And as long as we are talking films...there’s a new service called ULTRAVIOLET which seems to allow you (for $ of course) to download movies right into your computers....and it’s legal!  If this idea take will mean more big changes for all of us.
here’s their site:

Have you seen a “Blockbuster” store anywhere lately?

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