Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I can't wait..what Yankee retires next year for Fox!

Hey Fox Sports (big Fox)....We all aren’t Derek Jeter obsessed like you are.
I hate Fox (big Fox with nepo Joe Buck...if his last name was Smith or Jones he’d be working for UPS).
Two times I’ve been upset by Fox’s(big) really terrible direction.  ...tonight we got the Derek Jeter Show...not baseball.  It pissed me off and it was an insult to every player in baseball to see Fox go to a split screen and another Jeter interview (they already had bunch) as if that was as important as the game!
The last big game Fox(big) did and screwed up with the Marlins was Cuban born pitcher Jose Fernandez making his debut but the foolish Fox(big) director chose to have an interview...I think it was the Yankee closer quitting the game and Nepo Buck never had time to mention anything about Jose.
If you think big Fox sucks...you should watch the Marlins broadcast down here.  The favorite thing is to miss pitches and pickoff throws to first.  Little Rich Waltz the so called play by play guy (I called him the “review” guy...he can even review a play that just happened)....well little Rich called our hot third basemen Ma-gay-hee for the first half of the season...until he heard the Tampa Bay Rays guy pronounce it correctly (MaGee). but he didn’t “review, review”, his months old mistake.  
So...Fox (big and small) need a whole bunch of help, in my opinion.
Let me review what I just said...no I guess not.

P.S. I finally shut the all star game off...sick of the Jeter crap.

P.P.S.  Marlins big strong man Stanton...3 at bats and nothing.  that's whay we marlin fans have seen the past few weeks...and NO homers.  That's the basic reason (plus some bad pitching) the Marlins have crashed in the MLB east!

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