Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taking "Christie's" hand

Selena needs help!

     a nice response from Mort White...owner of the fabulous HEMLOCK INN near Bryson City NC:

“Thanks Stan.  I do remember your visit here a few years back.  I especially remember the phone interview we did for your radio show in the middle of the night.
Hope all is going well for you.  Thanks for  promoting Hemlock Inn on your  blog..
Feel free to post my response.  It is reassuring to read your thoughts on us as "status quo". That's exactly what we are trying to offer our guests.  Unfortunately, many now seek glitz with a lot of bells and whistles.  But there are also folks still looking for a place like Hemlock Inn.  Thanks for giving us a little exposure.”

Now...playing some catch up.

I saw my friend “Christie” at work today (the girl with no email and maybe no cell phone either!)
...haven’t seen her for sometime.  Not able to chat...she was busy rushing somewhere in the store but she passed near me and I reached out and took her hand...and that was a nice moment.  Christy...that was the hand that Elvis shook from the stage at the Hilton Hotel in Vegas!

Also...I was at the library in the "burb" of  Margate where “Margate Meg” is a cop.  I have thought of just walking into the police headquarters and asking to speak to her...I think she may be assigned there...but...isn’t that like stalking (a bit).  Stalking a cop? Won’t do that.  She can still email me..she knows about the blog.

And...nothing new on the Kate Middleton twin...whom I spoke too in my Publix parking lot.  Too bad...I write about her and she doesn’t even know it.

At least Christie and “Meg” know I write about them...both probably wish I wouldn’t.
....I’ve decided Selena Gomez badly needs a Daddy..someone to look up too and be guided I am applying for the job.  This girl should not be left alone...she's making bad decisions!  Anyway...again, I get to post that pic!  Wow.

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