Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wag the dog Obama!

...Headline: “Obama ramps up sanctions against Russia”.
        otherwise known as  “Wag The Dog” time at the White House.
Did you ever see the movie “Wag The Dog” with THE De Niro and Dustin Hoffman?
Plot is:  A President running for reelection messes with a Girl Scout in the Oval (not an intern)...and to deflect scandal they hire this hot shot De Niro to come in and start a war or something and it works(almost).

Well...Obama has a real problem with the dissolving of our Southern border and thousands are walking into our country with nothing but trouble.
So how does he “Wag The Dog?”
He uses Putin of course...North Korea and Castro aren’t in the game anymore. 
And he couldn’t blame Canada!
So keep your eyes on this one...
and Vlad...relax...this guy doesn’t have the “balls” or brains to fight you square!      However...look out...our military badly needs something “waggish” too!
...and as long as I brought up the “military”  have you seen “Seven Days In May” lately?  You know unlike that movie...he who controls the internet now...controls the country.  Think about it.

You all know I’m a Miami Marlins baseball fan.  It’s been fun the past month watching these guys play hard and  They just beat the Atlanta Braves three straight and that was IN Atlanta!  Cry baby Fredi the Atlanta manager who charged us with stealing his signs hasn’t said a thing about that!
Now...the league leading Washington Nationals are in town...and have LOST the first two to the Fish.  They’ll probably lose to us again today.
I lived thru the excitement back in 1997 and 2003..when we won the World Series twice!  This season seems to be falling that way.  And this in the midst of a terrible slump by our big guy GC Stanton!  God...if he breaks out of it about now and quits swinging at the low outside curve balls....we WILL be unstoppable.  Just keep stealing them signs... guys!

JUST IN:  STANTON HOMERS (first in a long time) but we lose 4-3.  You can't win em all...right crybaby Fredi!

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