Sunday, July 20, 2014

where is GILETTE when you need em?

         ...What’s with baseball players and hair on their faces?
Can’t we get some razor companies to pay them to shave?
I have noticed the guys with the most fur are not doing too well.  
Goes along with the dudes who bore us by praying before the pitch or thanking God for that home run as they cross the plate.  As if God swings the bat...not them, right!  Weird.

the Tabs right now...(gotta believe em!).
In a bombshell confession, terrified Camilla told her palace rival -- Prince William’s wife Kate -- that Charles murdered his first wife Diana to keep her from exposing his darkest secrets. Now his second wife Camilla believes SHE’S NEXT! Get more about the Duchess of Cornwall’s frightening revelation and what it means for the royal family - in the new issue of GLOBE!”

and then they wrote:

“Murder, drugs and a pregnancy secret are part of a hush-hush cover-up that’s been exposed on the 15-year anniversary of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s tragic plane crash.” (National Inquirer)

and I just saved you $5.00 each!  How can they charge that much for such crap?

by the library system has a lot of and old.  But not one movie based on Diana and Charles...except for “the Queen” of course. Strange.

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