Thursday, July 10, 2014

Frank is back!

...Frank is back!

       Have you seen Sinatra doing the commercial for Jack Daniel's (black label of course)
I think they only run it late nights.
It’s really well done and everyone knows that JD was all he ever drank...except maybe tea with honey for the voice.
They say Frank carried only new bills.  I wonder what he did with the change from a hundred?
I’m probably reading Drudge too much but from him I’m getting the impression that Obama may be “losing it”.
You couldn’t blame the guy...after the Obamacare debacle...the  NSA and IRS snooping and all the other things he’s gotten caught up in as the Prez.  Don’t you just know he’d love to chuck it all!
...but please don’t Barack...Biden is not the man! 
George Clooney is messed up in another flap...something to do with the religion his girlfriend follows and her mother.
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