Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kate & Brad Pitt?

   ....Say it isn’t so!
Kate Middleton is “gaga” over Brad Pitt?
The National (ugh) Enquirer reports that Kate wants Brad knighted ever since Angelina Jolie’s recent designation as an horny (opps...wrong word)..honorary “Dame”....for her humanitarian work.
here’s the link and it won’t cost you the newsstand price which is stupid. (good pic of Kate):


     As long as we’re on the tabloid trail...”The Star” says it pays $ for celeb tips.
You suppose they would have some fun by me joshing them that all the paparazzi missed one of the biggest stories of all time:
Julia Roberts at Disney World, Orlando, a few years ago...shortly after her honeymoon with Danny...showing her new relative kids The Magic Kingdom. Not one tabloid got that one but I did. I almost bumped into her at the Dolphin Hotel!
(see my post on it...use the search window upper right side of post.)
You think they’d pay me for telling them they missed it? Probably not.
Here’s a catch up for you.
No Kate Middleton twin yet...I hit the supermarket where I talked to her almost everyday.
Nothing from Meg Ryan’s look alike cop here and no recent hand holding with Christie!  But wish me luck.

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