Friday, July 11, 2014

Forever Yours dark gone...but wait!

                                  Forever Yours dark (gone)              but's back!
want to work in the candy factory...see their website below...they are  hiring!

....a REAL tax cut!

Bought my new car tag today and was pleasantly surprised that the cost went down about $12.00.  Last year I paid about $ it was $54!  And the big tax cuts here in Florida don’t take effect until September.  
I was informed by the person handling my tag that it will drop another $25.00 then!  Wow!   A GOVERNMENT ENTITY ACTUALLY REDUCING YOUR TAXES.  
How about that.

Back when Neil Rogers and I were dominating the radio ratings in Miami..I fell in love...with the “Forever Yours” DARK candy bar. 
I carried on about how great they were for a long time...then...they stopped making them.  That happens a lot...and I have no explanation for it.  It seemed to be a good seller. 
Well...a couple of years ago...the same company, Mars, Incorporated I think,  decided we DID like that candy bar so they gave their “Milky Way a “dark” version...with the white 
yummy  stuff inside. WAS the Forever Yours dark...but the brand was gone so Mars just shifted it into the Milky Way line.  And I thank them
The only reason I bring this up is I had one today...I’ve had them before...and I just wanted to point out what that candy bar really is for those millions who loved the Forever Yours!  Enjoy.

They have job openings by the way...about 500 of them.  Here’s the link:

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