Saturday, July 5, 2014

I'm hungry....want some goodies?

Hungry?  Here are some of my favorites!

TASTYKAKE Coffeecake

When I was in Philadelphia I couldn’t resist Tastykake’s Coffee Cakes. Moved to Florida and found them in one gas station down here and that’s it. 
Emailed the company today and they responded quickly... saying they still made them and sold them in Philly....and would notify their Florida office about them.  We’ll see.  
For Christmas they had delicious fruitcake rolls for a buck a piece.  I bought a bunch.  Munching on some now.

TAMPICO Island Punch (LITE blue top)
Tampico Juice (but only the LITE blue top “Island Punch”.)  The others suck.  Pineapple, Banana, Orange...goes well with the Tastykake fruitcake or anything...but try mixing white rum with it.  Wow! Enjoy.



Best I’ve ever tasted and I’ve lived a long time. Goes great with the Tampico too....and some toast will help.  You can much these without milk but it’s better with.


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