Thursday, July 31, 2014


...regarding JFK’s ghostly visit in my sleep a couple of days ago...when he wanted me to tell Hilly to bite the bullet and split with Billy Bob and his zipper.
Now one tabloid has it that they’ve actually separated already...but who can tell.
You want to get all the Clinton news nobody can stand...go to "Google News” and in the search simply put:
“The Clintons”.

You’ll get pages and pages on them...enough already.

The big baseball trade day has come and gone and the Miami Marlins didn’t do much...just got a pitcher nobody ever heard of from the Houston Astros and that’s not making big headlines.  Most down here were routing for the Rays David Price to come on down but he went to crappie Detroit. ugh...a fate worse than death.  
Mike Hill the General Manager(?) said he wanted to get a “controllable” pitcher.  What the hell is a “controllable” pitcher anyway.  I’ve never heard the term but he’s used it several times.
Anyway...Stanton’s hitting homers again...two the past two that’s the good news.  We just need the keep “stealing them signs” right Fredi!
Everyone including Matt Drudge (who’s weather obsessive) is very happy that we haven’t had any hurricanes in Florida for a long time.
But you gotta believe me when I say we are getting enough rain to make you think you’re in that kind of storm.  
Enough rain dammit...this is the “Sunshine State”!

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