Sunday, July 27, 2014

Selena's nude fakes & spy kids

....In the Dollar Tree store where I shop about everyday...I happened to see a black kit about spying!  That’s the toy area they have not one but about three different “spy” kits for kids.
One is for fingerprinting. "everything a young detective needs to dust for fingerprints”...parents should love that one...another for “analyzing a crime scene” also a “criminal profiling kit” can see if your friend’s parents should be in jail, I guess, and “color code message kit.”  That could work with your texting maybe?
Weird stuff and it’s selling on ebay and amazon for a lot more than the buck each at the dollar store.
Fake “nude” pics on the internet.
I’m not into this stuff but occasionally just for my own information (of course) I drop the “safe search” on Google images and pop in the name of some girls just to see what comes off(sorry about that).
So I did it with my new interest...Selena Gomez and can you believe about a billion photos come up...none of which are actually her.  Now I don’t believe in censorship in any way...but this stuff is just plain ridiculous.  The weird part is the fakes (and they all are) look so well done you would believe it’s actually Selena. Someone even made up a Playboy Magazine spread of Selena...looking real...but of course she’s never done one.
I guess I’m posting this for a purpose(?)  Just don’t be mislead by these photos (if you ever go looking).  They will fool you though.  They are really of no use...unless her publicity agent is counting the pages of them everyday to see if her client is still “making the grade” as a star.
here’s the Nixon/Sinatra "MY WAY" I used to play on my show all the time.  
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