Monday, July 14, 2014

new slasher channels missing

Brazilian "Ladies of the Night"(my choice...2nd from left: WOW)
...OMG what a disappointment.
AT&  tv was supposed to debut EPIX...some new movie channels last night...I nicknamed them the “slasher channels” but someone may have struck and slashed the place cause they didn’t make it one the air!
I was so looking forward to “Cheerleader Massacre and "Cheerleader Massacre" two.  And “the incredible two headed transplant” was scheduled"Silence of the Lambs" and "The Blair Witch Project". 
Four new movie channels but none of them working yet.  I’ll let you know.

Speaking of being “out of sync...Drudge hardly mentioned the German victory in the soccer final.  I guess he was a Brazil fan.
But isn’t it odd Germany won...and so easily.  I’m wearing my bright red England soccer shirt today out of respect for the whole tourney.  Nothing bad really happened (despite your team probably losing) but the end did not crazies operating on a flimsy “religion” platform..we do this for God” blew up the stadium and even the hookers seemed safe...and kind of pretty too! 
So congratulations to the host country and..yes..sorry you didn’t prevail (I guess).

Here’s another “famous” selection from the WINZ Miami 
Stan Major Show pile. My guest is a former British SAS guy.  Interesting!  click below

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