Monday, July 14, 2014


    ....Vlad came to Cuba...met Fidel...but didn’t bring any missiles nor the medal honoring my late Father for his work in Persia in WW2 building airstrips so that Russia could get desperately needed food and supplies to ward off the Nazi war machine.
Oh well...I’ll keep hoping.
    Putin does seem to have mellowed about the Ukraine thing.
He’s a smart guy..maybe Obama should consult him on this country turning into Mexico north!  It would be interesting what his ideas might be on that subject.
I remember years back when the Soviets were having some trouble with their own version of crazy Muslim zealots...and they handled it well...chopping of either their hands or testicles (I forget which) and that seem to solve the problem pretty fast.  Muslim crazes don’t like that much!  Too bad someone didn’t do that to Atta when he was down here in Coral Springs planning his foray to NYC.
here’s the Putin-Castro write up:
I told you some weeks back that North Dakota was the place to go to find work.
They are so desperate they may just start hiring our new Mexico Illegals (whoops, cant call em that can I!)  Wouldn’t be politically correct! on this link to read that story:

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