Sunday, July 27, 2014

US Army Germany 1955


On a courier mission from Nurenburg to Stuttgart I dropped off my package and went into downtown Stuttgart to see the city a bit.  I met up with another soldier and we walked around chatting about this and that...then we spotted a really good looking female walking town us.
She smiled and we said hello and we all started talking.  After about ten minutes she startled us by asking if we had a room.  She didn’t seem a prostitute and hadn’t come on like that.
We said he had the find a we did and got into the room and she confided that her young years were taken up by “servicing” SS officers for the German Army.  And...she said she missed doing that! 
We enjoyed the encounter!
Out of interest of what she said I did some internet searching but came up with nothing about this kind of “service” there during the war.  It might be interesting because little is known about this but good luck trying to lock it down.

Some of my buddies at AFN decided to go for a ride in a new Ford one just purchased.  This was a popular move by those who could afford it...buying a car and shipping it back to the states. It was a known fact that one could save thousands of dollars doing this.
One guy with us in the car was Air Force and based in Wiesbaden but loaned out to AFN.
He told us to drive to Wiesbaden to eat...he knew a good place to eat.
We arrived in the city and drove near the big airbase when we saw what appeared to be a “hooker” standing on the street corner.  As a joke more than anything else we stopped and she got into the car.  We drove  a few blocks and she startled us by saying she was a hooker...but also in the U.S. Air Force!  She said she “worked” the corner to make some extra cash...none of us were getting rich in the military!  
We decided to drop her off where we picked her up but we all chipped in with a some bills to help her out!

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