Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BRUCE: words on trial!


...About Lenny Bruce.
When I was a DJ...A record promotion guy took me to see Lenny Bruce at the big Chicago club.
I didn’t know what to expect.
There were some plain clothes cops in the “standing room only” area in the a couple or so uniformed Chicago cops just for HIM to see( I guess).
This was a strange era in our history.
Earlier booze was on it was “words”.
I can’t really recall if Bruce used four letter words much..I don’t think so.  There wasn’t what one expected...after reading about all his trials and tribulations with authorities during the time.
The line I remember was more eloquent than controversial and spoke for an age of guys beset by girdles and now pantyhose.
He saw a couple of attractive ladies nearby in the audience...took a long pause...just shook his head and ask: “what’s with you women today?  don’t you ever want to do it just because it feels good!”
Spoken like a true man!

Here are some of Bruce’s best quotes.  click below:

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