Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ready for Hillary???

.....omg...the Hillary bumper stickers are out already down in Democratic ruined (sorry...I meant run) So. Florida.
stickys showing up on cars can you believe.
Me...I want one that sez...”READY FOR SARAH” because I am in more ways than one!
and by the way...can anyone shut up Monica?  who cares.

Speaking of politics...how about our defunct HMO here in Florida.
I finally got a letter...two in fact with the bad news about P.U.P crashing.  Only took em a month for that!
The most important..was from the big bad Medicare in Washington D.C.  Bottom line is...they flipped the 50,000 PUP members into Humana...NOT where I want to be.  I signed with another HMO yesterday and begin in it today July 1. 
Of course the wheels of Medicare turn ever so slow(only took them a month to tell me in writing that PUP was gone)....so my payments from Social Security will be a question mark until they get the new info into their computer.
Still waiting to hear a statement from either our current governor...Mister tax cutting Scott...or his predecessor (who’s running on the different party to get back in)...Charlie Crist. There’s fifty thousand votes effected...you’d think someone would be blaming someone else wouldn’t you?  Maybe they are both partially responsible and were warned down the line about PUP...so they may be quiet forever.  Remember when newspapers used to dig this stuff out?

Here’s another Stan Major radio program..withTom Leykis!



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