Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hurricanes I have known: ANDREW

I’ve been through two big storms in recent years of living in south Florida.
Just after about a year of America’s first LIVE all night call in program...we started to get the warnings about Hurricane Andrew. 
It was August 1992 and I was still commuting to the Tampa area weekly to do the show on about 100 stations!
When it became apparent that the storm was going to hit 
the Miami area I instructed the producer to go to tape as I was headed back home to be with the family.
One of the few “perks” of storms was the tolls were dropped on the tollroads and turnpikes facing the storm.
After Laurie and I had married I moved into her three bedroom townhouse in the Jacaranda area of the city of Plantation which is a Ft. Lauderdale suburb.
The place was built well and we didn’t get any real serious damage as the storm blasted into the southern reaches of Miami about 10 to 15 miles south of us...causing wide spread devastation there...but just uprooting trees on the golf courses near us. The  power did go out and we got the usual storm problems around the neighborhood...traffic lights out ..gas stations either closed or out of fuel etc.
So...Hurricane Andrew was no problem in the area where we lived...but Hurricane Wilma was a “bitch”!


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