Monday, August 4, 2014

The Democratic machine is revving up!

.....the Post recently ran a long, long story telling us why Jeb Bush would not get elected...not even get the nomination!  
Boy does that tell me a lot.  They must be really worried about their “Hillary”!
“If the Bush family had been Democrats the news media would have proclaimed them “saints” and the election of Jeb Bush would be well underway!”

stan major
Aug 2014


Hundreds of big donors, including Obama bundlers, are ‘Ready for Hillary’
Clinton’s supporters represent all major sectors of the Democratic Party’s money base
By Philip Rucker and Matea Gold July 31

A diverse cadre of big money Democratic players has directed millions of dollars into a super PAC supporting a potential presidential bid by Hillary Rodham Clinton, underscoring the extent to which the party machinery is tilting in her favor.
At least 222 donors have signed up as co-chairs of Ready for Hillary’s national finance council — a commitment that requires donating or raising $25,000 each, or at least $5.55 million between them, according to a membership list obtained by The Washington Post. More than 600 other donors are considered members of the finance council, required to give or raise $5,000 each.
The Ready for Hillary fundraising team includes scores of President Obama’s biggest campaign bundlers — evidence that the rift between the two camps has healed considerably since 2008. The super PAC also features donors representing all major sectors of the Democratic Party’s money base, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley to Wall Street, the list shows.
The former secretary of state, who is months way from announcing a decision about a 2016 campaign, enjoys a massive head start in assembling a finance network compared with any other candidate, Democratic or Republican. The breadth and depth of support for her campaign-in-waiting could give serious pause to any Democrat weighing a primary challenge, such as Vice President Biden or Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.
“If you look at the finance council as a whole, it’s very representative of what a potential Hillary Clinton campaign’s finance council will look like,” said Adam Parkhomenko, co-founder and executive director of Ready for Hillary. “You have people who’ve been supporting her for 10, 20, 30 years; you’ve got people who’ve never made a contribution to any political campaign before; and you have people who were really active in 2008 and 2012 for President Obama’s campaigns.”

...............File this under "I told you so...long ago."

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