Thursday, August 14, 2014

when I got written up!

An email response to my blog...from a listener to my network all night show in the 90’s.
I DO remember the column your notes as I prepared this post revived getting that back when!

>> My name is Randy Tedford. When we last talked, 20+ years ago, you were working an all-nighter out of Florida (Tampa/St.Pete ?). I was a cop in Oak Ridge,TN who also wrote a weekly column for the local alleged newspaper, "The 
Oak Ridger". The column was called 'The Night Watch'. One of the columns I wrote was about you, your radio show and how much it was enjoyed and appreciated by us fellow night owls. If you don't remember it, my crusty old feelings are not hurt 
in the least. A lot of time has passed and my ego has taken enough hits that I realized along time ago that no one should expect people to remember you after 20+ years and one over-the-air/telephone encounter.
>> Since then I've retired twice, spent a couple of years in TV News (thank God 
all of it off camera as an assignment editor) and then 7 more years as cop. 
(Family tradition means avoiding all physical labor/work when possible.)
>>  Mainly, I wanted you to know how pleased I was to find your blog on the Internet. You've always been clear in thought and purpose. Don't get much of that anymore. Take care, keep writing and enjoy life. If you should want a copy 
of that old 'The Night Watch' column I wrote, I believe I can find it in my computer files. I'd be happy to send it to you.
>> Also, did you ever encounter ABC's Steve Bell in VN? He and I got along like a cobra and mongoose.
>> Most sincerely,
>> Randy

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