Monday, August 25, 2014


Twinkie Cates
Gomez: The Last Twinkie?

oh no!  The TWINKIE plant is closing!
No more Twinkie’s again (this happened before.)
So...Selena Gomez may truly be “the very last” of the “Twinkie” Stan Major history.
Oh we’ve had some good ones thru the girls who’s elevator didn’t exactly go up to the higher floors!
Brooke..Phoebe, Sandra, Annette, etc...great bunch of “twinkies”!
Oh and don’t forget Neil & Stan’s favorite....Donna Rice!
here’s more on the Twinkie plant closing:

This stuff about the Ferguson, Mo shooting...has now developed into another ‘WAG THE DOG” for Obama.
I’m not talking about the actual shooting which is tragic...but to see the “not for profit” “do-gooders” jumping on the media band wagon because that’s where the media is.  
And guess what we haven't heard a word about for days:  
The border problem!  
    Isn’t it interesting Obama’s got more officials at the kids funeral than he’s got down on the border.  It’s a WagThe Dog and the media fell for it and loves every minute of it!
You see...the liberal media has a real problem reporting the border crossing...but no problem reporting a white cop shooting a black kid.

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