Wednesday, August 13, 2014

No Julia Roberts "faces"


        Have you ever noticed there just aren’t any Julia Roberts look alikes anywhere.  I live in the midst of the largest hispanic female population here in south Florida and I’ve only seen one female who could shadow JR.
  She was shopping in Target for a really big bag of dog food and I screwed around until she checked out and as she got into her car I buoyed up my shy strength and laughed, “that must be a big dog!” she smiled back and said “yep”.  I then went boldly where Stan never goes..
  “Are you married?” I asked.
  “Not until next week” was the reply...with another smile.
  “Just my luck.” I said as she drove off.

  I saw pint size JR knockoff in the supermarket....  shopping with Mom she appeared to be middle school age.  
I chatted with them both briefly and mentioned the Julia Roberts look and the girl said “oh yeh...I’ve been told that before.”  I looked at Mom and said...“think modeling!”.
  I’ve never seen another JR look alike.  Sadly.

  This reminded me of an unfulfilled dream of mine.  I’d like to get a good camera (but not so good that I couldn’t work it) and just travel around taking photos of beautiful people...young and old.  Going to colleges...high schools and even into the elementary grade take photos of both girls and guys and select a few hundred to publish in the book titled: “Beauty in America” or something like that.
  I would get releases from all and use their first name only  and I think a book of beauty like that would sell well.
  People don’t read regular books much anymore but they would be interested in one filled with great faces in the bookstore or the library.
  Well...I’ll put that at the top of my wish list if I win a lotto!

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