Friday, August 15, 2014

anyone every kill themselves after losing cell phone?

Inquiring minds want to know:

...has anyone committed suicide because their cell phone is gone...shut off or whatever?
I get the distinct impression we are going to see a brand new disease... NOT from use of a cell too much...but for utter despondency in having it no more!  I can life go on?
Harper with the Nationals is a real creep!  We’ve had them in baseball before but he is outstanding how he can piss off anyone at any moment.
Here’s the amazing story (and I even felt sorry for the Braves and you know I hate the Braves and crybaby Fredi!)

Here’s the stupid bumper sticker award for today:

           seen on the back of a fancy new SUV.
An update:
still no Kate Middleton look or around my Publix supermarket...but I’ll keep looking.
and...of pic or contact from the Margate Meg cop...the officer that resembles Meg Ryan.
and..Christy...girl with no email and maybe no cell phone
has gone missing again.  back to the nunnery?

Note: You can search for stories on all these by using the small search window on the upper right side of this (or any) post.  Just put in the “Christy” or “Meg cop” and the story(s) will pop up & you can click on them to read about it.
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