Friday, September 5, 2014

wow..could that guy run and run!

My Dad and I went to a Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers game at Wrigley Field one Sunday.  Never was so cold in my life before or since.
But it was worth it...just to see THE Gale Sayers in action. The Bear’s incomparable runner is like no one seen before or since with moves that would just scare hell out of any defense in football.  It was a cold thrill...but like I said...worth it!
1965-1971 Chicago Bears
Gale Eugene Sayers ... Kansas All-American ... Exceptional break-away runner ... Scored rookie record 22 TDs, 132 points, 1965 ... Led NFL rushers, 1966, 1969 ... Named all-time NFL halfback, 1969 ... All-NFL five straight years ... Player of Game in three Pro Bowls ..
NFL lifetime kickoff return leader 

...OK...everybody has a bad day once in awhile!

Read (click) for a good laugh (unless you are the mowing crew or the Principal of the school!)


It is now just several days until two things happen:

On September 9th I will have a huge birthday...not saying how old but it could be 50...60...70 or whatever.

On September know what that date means.
If I see any suspicious activity around here I’ll let you know. 
Use the search box for my “the ones who got away” posts...of the suspicious characters near here that disappeared just before the attack on the WTC.  The FBI was too busy to talk to me about it!
Atta himself lived about five blocks away.

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