Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AFN bits and pieces(REPOST)

     Lux Radio Theater comes to AFN...(REPOST)

     Well not really but we did have a weekly locally produced radio drama or comedy which the bunch of us guys jumped into when directed.  I would not like to remember this too much...that is to say..none of us were really great actors like the ones Cecil B Demille used from the movies for Lux in Hollywood. (I saw one of these shows  when we took a west coast vacation...so more on that later.)
Anyway we had fun doing them...but they wouldn’t win any awards!
Speaking of recorded shows...the AFN (or AFTRS) library was fantastic. The networks furnished, free of charge, every show on big transcripts...if you wanted a Jack Benny or Red Skelton show...or
maybe Fibber McGee and Molly.... or Lux Radio Theater or The Lone Ranger...we had them all.  It was beyond challenge the largest collection of such shows because ALL the networks furnished them. I wonder how much a collector would pay for those libraries today!
Let me just mention one more interesting civilian guy at AFN headquarters.
He was older than most of us...German....and I can’t remember his name.
He had been in the German Air Force commanded of course by Herman Goring and he flew bombing missions over London!  He didn’t talk about that much but he didn’t have to.  
        It boggles the mind just to think about it if your a 17 year old American kid.  He wasn’t a Nazi (AFN had to clear him) just an airmen with the German Air Force who really took part in history.

Here is an recent interview I did for AFRTS:



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