Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My AFN heroes(REPOST)

My Heroes....(REPOST)

At AFN...The American Forces Network headquarters in the old castle...several imposing characters come to mind.
Since I was just 17 years of age...I was an impressionable guy...and these folks impressed me:

Ed Pennybacker, civilian news writer/editor who has NEVER been bested by anyone (including David Brinkley) in his news writing capabilities...in my opinion.
Ed taught me to be simple in my writing and never to write a sentence longer than five words!  At NBC News Chicago in later years (1969-70) when writing tv news copy for Floyd Kalber, Jim Ruddle and John Dancy I utilized that technique.  Except with Floyd you always had to insert the word “today” into the news copy...maybe every other line.  He loved that word!
   Ed was indeed...the greatest.
Johnny Vrotsos, civilian AFN the castle...best remembered for hosting the most listened too daily radio program in Europe:
Hit the airwaves for an hour about 6 or 7P and it was great.  Nick Clooney filled in a few times...I never was asked!
Johnny was one cool guy...everyone loved him!
Al Kasch...my “on the air hero”...a Sergeant back in 55-56 and a cool guy to listen to and learn from.
Don Cosgrove...another Sgt and a real professional.
Walter Sheppard...out of Boston and let you know it...classical music expert and had to help me desperately the one time I announced AFN’s classical show.  How do you say Eine kleine Nachtmusik?  I still can’t spell it. Thanks Walt!
Went to visit Walt in Boston after he got out.  He took me out to Arthur Fiedler’s house and we had coffee and the maestro showed off everything RCA made that filled up his west wing.  Also his Firemen hats which I think he liked more than all the fancy high priced recording equipment.

Here's an interview I did recently for AFRTS


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