Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Joe Pyne...Rush and Howard

Joe Pyne...Los Angeles and others....
“Go gargle with razor blades”

Just as Bill Ballance brought sex to radio in Los Angeles...
    Joe Pyne brought “fury”.
He was unique as the original controversial host on not only radio (KLAC/KABC) but television and ended up riding that bombastic technique to fame across the nation.
Talk radio host Ray Briem wrote in 1985, "Joe Pyne was the only radio personality who had higher ratings than Dodger baseball.”
Joe Pyne fills the number 6 slot on my list of top radio personalities of all time.


In the 7th and 8th slots are Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern.
Rush is the most successful radio talk host in history both in stations and money.
Stern in his own way pioneered sex talk for the early morning hours.
I don’t listen to either of these guys so you be the judge.


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