Friday, October 25, 2013

"Buy your new car from a REAL Watergate burglar"

Left over WATERGATE trivia....

On my first Miami talk program...before the Cuban invasion boatlift...I had one of the Watergate burglars on...Eugenio Martinez...also called Rolando Martinez.  
He came on with me because the former CIA officer, Grayston Lynch was on my Tampa show and Gray was like a God to the Miami Cubans.  
In addition to Watergate..Martinez was also on the Howard Hunt team that broke into Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist office in Beverly Hills to find Ellesberg’s files.
He told the story of that break in on my show in detail and said they found nothing of significance on Ellsberg...the Pentagon Papers leaker.
However Martinez said Hunt, afterwards, was happy with the raid and even said something about celebrating later.
Martinez speculated that the break in was to coverup the fact that the White House actually had Ellsberg’s files...which could be illegal.  
He would say the same thing in his book published in later years. 

When I booked Martinez on my show he was reachable at a new car dealership in Miami.  Weeks after his interview I called to arrange an appointment to see some cars.  He was very congenial, but I didn’t find anything I wanted.
  This has spurred me to write a short commercial for the “Mad Men.”

“Buy your next new car from a REAL Watergate Burglar!
  Get it financed by Tricky Dick’s Key Biscayne Bank.
Just call the bank and ask for “Bebe!  Tell him "Dick" sent ya!
And drive away happy!"

E.Howard Hunt wanted me to cease talking about him in connection with the Kennedy assassination. He had his lawyer call and threaten me in no uncertain terms.
     That was 1979 before the Cuban boatlift.
On his deathbed in 2004 Hunt dictated a taped confession of sorts and you can read about it on JFK assassination investigator Mary Ferrell’s webpage here:

Before his death CIA master spy and convicted Watergate conspirator Howard Hunt confessed to being peripherally involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, and named several other participants.
In notes and conversations with his son Saint John, and in an audiotape he created in 2004 to be played after his death, Hunt described being invited into the "big event" at a Miami safehouse in 1963.”

And he names much for “non-involvement, right?

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