Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Who's Fans are the BEST!

Stan for Senator more to come...stay tuned

This not posted..... but from a few days ago.
St. Louis fans

I love baseball!
        ....(Yep...another BB post)

    The Braves Shelby Miller just pitched a great game in St Louis against the Cardinals...then stood in the dugout and watched his team get beat by one run.  Hey...that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Miller had received a nice standing ovation when he was pulled out...which says a lot about the Cardinal fans.

            Pity the poor Marlins.  I don’t know what to say....injuries will happen but why so often to them and so many of them.
    Time for a reassessment of the trainer and his men.  Seemed to me this happened last year also.
    And get a real manager will ya Jeff!  One with some mud on his cleats.


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