Friday, August 7, 2015

The trucks to save us just kept coming and coming! OUR border!


....I had a dream last night.
I dreamt that little Debby and Jimmy and their parents could go to sleep...
                 .....without that gun by their bed.
That they could leave the door unlocked....the windows open for fresh air....and look forward to a new day when all this could come true.
    Yes...I had a dream.
    I had a dream that the people in charge could handle the thousands of strangers that were coming across our border unchecked about 50 miles south, so that we might enjoy our life without having to be afraid of every noise...every knock on the door.....each and every passerby.
    Yes..I HAD a dream.
    I had a dream that our leaders would take charge of the nightmare and make all happy again....
    Yes...I had a dream.

    and then I awoke because of another new noise.  I rushed to the window and watched in amazement at all the green Army trucks loaded fully with the soldiers heading for our troubled border.....who were going to bring that dream to fulfillment by protecting us...making our border safe again.
    I loved the roar of the trucks...the noise of the soldiers issuing orders..... and and even the silence that followed after they had passed.
    I returned to my bed...with hope...that first dream might be fulfilled.
Yes...I had a dream.

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