Friday, August 28, 2015

In Vietnam...two guys from Gemany I knew!

   .....When I got to Vietnam I ran into not one but TWO former AFN’ers (Germany).
    One admitted to me he was CIA. And I didn’t even ask!
   The CIA guy was named Joe something...sorry I can’t remember (maybe the first time I’ve written that on this entire blog...pretty good huh?)
    I ran into him a few weeks again and asked if I could use his circuit (always open while others were not) to broadcast reports to the states.  He smiled and said “no”.
     ....The other guy was a lot more interesting.
Sergeant Chuck Renner...formerly with American Forces Network in Frankfurt and now....who knows?  Chuck never really told me what unit he was with etc. in Nam.
    I told him I was recording one hour programs for use to radio stations in the states.
    I ask him if there was a particular bar I might do a show give an example of what the guys did in their off hours.
    He laughed and said “Yes” and we proceeded with my tape recorder down the road.
    I forgot the name of the bar....maybe on purpose. He warned me things could get a bit sticky as some of the guys weren’t “into” members of the press invading their abode.
    I was not happy choosing this place.
    Actually as I recall we were inside only a few minutes before I could even press the record button on the tape and were “escorted” out the door and told not to come back.
    Well at least they were nice about it...didn’t pick me up and toss me out the door...which is what I half expected.
    I thanked Sgt Renner and bid him adieu.

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