Thursday, August 20, 2015

JULIETTE.....Ready when you are...make babies...more babies.......isn't this fun!

Juliette/Jet Lag

Let's make babies...make babies...make MORE babies!
    The ways Europe is trying to convince its citizens to make more babies.

    ....See...they ought to hire ME.  I just walk by a female and they get preggys!  I could populate all of Europe!  We could begin with Juliette!  Did you guys see “JET LAG”.  wow...mainly the last half hour or so...god does she look good (still)’s a paste up of the desperation in Europe from fewer babies!
    Much has been written about Europe's debt and financial crises. This, however, is not the only challenge the continent faces: Some European countries are rapidly aging.

    All over the continent, potential parents have shown reluctance to have more babies. Hence, governments and advocacy groups are becoming increasingly creative about getting their citizens to make babies.

    French children can do nearly everything for free or for a discounted price
    Although American tourists frequently complain about prices in France, raising a child in France is the opposite experience. Children can use public transport for free or are heavily discounted. The same applies to museums, cinemas, theaters and virtually any other cultural institution.

    Like other European countries, such as Germany, France also pays families with children and teenagers who are younger than 20 a monthly allowance. Throughout their teenage years, the French receive governmental benefits for student housing and other expenses if their family income does not exceed a certain threshold.

     This dating site is only for Danes who want to have children
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