Friday, September 4, 2015

Cardinal fans KNOW greatnes

                                                                                              repost from several weeks ago
     There was another of “those” moments in baseball last  night.
The scene..Busch Stadium..home of the St. Louis Cardinals.
    first inning...Marlins vs the Cards.
    At bat...Ichrio Suzuki of the Marlins ....who takes a swing and fouls the ball off.
    But the next pitch he rips into the outfield for a base hit.  But it was not just ANY base hit.
    By the time Ichiro reached first base....the Cardinal fans were rising to their feet...screaming  and clapping and for the famous Japanese ball player who had just broken one of the hardest historical records that of Ty Cobb . Now...Ichiro was second on that base hit list.
    He seemed rather surprised at the show of enthusiasm but Cardinal fans are like that..probably more so than any other.
Finally he doffed his plastic hitting helmet and turned to the crowd...and the noise rose again.
    His next target...the  three thousand hit mark...and he is about 80 some hits to go for that.  He’ make it...sometime next season.
    and lucky Miami fans....both he and the Marlins say he would be welcomed back to do that as a Marlin!

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