Friday, September 18, 2015

New York New York...nope...tried but........

My Barry Farber fill-in.....
...didn’t last long! (repost)

    After leaving WWDB-FM Philly I took a week in New York City to fill in on WMAC for Barry Farber in afternoon drive.
    This was not long after the infamous “subway vigilante” incident on a New York subway train.
    As could be expected New Yorkers wanted to talk about that so we least for a couple of days.
    Then...I was told by management at WMCA that my fill in days had ended. Seems they disagreed with my then popular position that shooter Bernhard Goetz had taken acceptable action under the conditions so far described.
    It was interesting to actually get on the air at WMCA.  The owner manager was...the same guy who years earlier had ask me to fly in from Chicago to meet with him and when I did...he wouldn’t see me!  Another weird management type.  
    Same thing happened in St. Louis at the big KMOX.  There..I did meet with the big boss man who seemed impressed with me...enough that he pointed out places nearby where I should check apartments.    
    A few days later he wouldn’t take my calls.
    Such is our radio business.
    I’ve been in hiring positions several times and have NEVER acted so impolite or discourteous as not to talk to a person I’ve showed interest in.  I still can’t believe either incidents.
    Luckily for goes on and better things did happen.

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