Wednesday, November 13, 2013

brown eyes & silk!

brown eyes...brown hair...and silk panties...(keep reading)

some left over bits and pieces....

“Stay Awake Stan”...WIRL 1959.  

I cheated just a tiny bit.  I snoozed for about 20 minutes in the middle of the eight and half day stay awake promotion.  Sorry.  
Never told a soul.
The station booked a hotel room for me where I could rest and shower and change clothes each day.  I had to be accompanied by someone who would be responsible for keeping me awake while resting.
On one particular day...nobody showed for that duty...and I went on my merry way to the hotel anyway
I showered and dressed and then lay down on the bed to just rest for ten minutes or so.  I apparently dozed off for about 20 minutes...and woke up startled at my own mistake.  I really don’t think I was asleep.’re finding out about it...after all these years


While on that’ll get a kick out of this goodie.
One evening after store closing hours in downtown Peoria the manager of a nice department store (station sponsor also) dropped by the new car dealer showroom where I was holding forth 24 hours a day for eight and a half days.
My girlfriend Sharon (brown hair...brown eyes...well tanned and lovely all over) was with with me.  All I can say is Sharon knew what to do and did it all get the picture guys?
The store manager ask if we’d like to go shopping...for free. Why not!
We walked the few blocks to his store and he unlocked a back door and said. “Take whatever you’s on me!”
Wow....who could refuse such an offer.
I can’t remember what I picked up...nothing significant probably but the beauty with me headed right for the lingerie.  She proceeded to select about a dozen silk panties and said “ok”.
The man looked at her. 
“Are you sure that’s all you want?”
She said “yes...thanks.”
Back in the new car showroom she did some modeling for me.  She looked great!  We finished the night in the back seat of a new car...I forgot the make!

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