Monday, November 25, 2013

We'll pause now...for some special stuff

We’ll be radio stuff in a bit...but after WINZ and all those ratings....we had this:
         Laurie and I had a wonderful flight on Swissair and a great time in what her daughter called “Switzel”.

Don’t go to Italy in August!

Milan was like a ghost city.  Seems everyone leaves in August for cooler parts.  Lake Como was fairly crowded and nice.
Laurie was expecting our first baby in December so we figured the trip would be okay.
Swissair did not have direct flights from Miami... so we had to take a hop to Atlanta where we caught the plane to Zurich.  We were either first class or business class...I forget but all we’d heard about Swissair was right.  The food was great...the crew also.
We landed in Zurich and got our first taste of anti-terrorism protection when we saw military types with really big guns in and outside the terminal.  Remember...Europe was a prime target for all the bad guys...Munich Olympics...Paris bombings...Carlos the Jackal so we got used to it.
We overnighted in Zurich...rented a car for the trip and next day headed for Lucerne...and our castle home for a few days...Chateau Gutsch.  I had found this marvelous hotel on the internet and made the reservations before we left.
It is called a chateau but it seems more like a castle and sits high on a mountain overlooking the beautiful city of Lucerne.

The meals were elegant and excellent and our room had a balcony which looked out on the city and the river and famous wooden bridge across it.  This was something to awaken too each the fine coffee and pastries served in abundance and devoured outside on that patio. Apparently they are closed for renovation so be sure to check ahead!  This place is a must for any European traveler!
We were able to drive to the mountains and even saw snow in August...and stopped at a couple of ski villages near Lucerne.  All in all it was cool...calming...and far from the crowded tourist areas and shops.
We were walking along the river near the famous covered bridge when Laurie opined
“Look at’s just like Epcot and Disneyworld!”
I laughed and said...
“No...Disneyworld is just like this!  This came first.”

Next...on to Lausanne, Switzerland and then Italy.

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