Tuesday, November 26, 2013

more wonders of Europe

On to more beauty in “Switzel”....

We really fell in love with Lucerne but after several days we had to move on.  We had Italy and France before us.

We stopped off in Lausanne overnight...then headed along the banks of Lake Geneva with two other short but memorable stops on the way to the high roads (and I do mean HIGH!) to Milan, Lake Como and of course Florence...Laurie’s favorite city.
We saw the Chillon Castle...a real castle and parked the car for a walk inside.  It was impressive.  We bought a lovely print of it and took off again.
Then...we saw a sign that said “Medieval Village” and of course we were intrigued and took the turn.  It was crowded with tourists...with great sidewalk eating and shops...and a church at the end of the street.  
A priest was standing outside greeting passersby...and we approached him.  He spoke no English but I pointed to Laurie’s midsection flowering with our baby and I made the sign of the cross and urged him to bless the baby and the mother.  He did.  And that was unforgettable.
I can’t help think now about the fine birth of the fine baby boy she had several months later and of what he’s become...now nearly out of college and raring to go into the the depths of the workaday world. I often remind Chris and his mother of this blessing given by the Priest at the small old, really old village in Switzerland.  The blessing sure worked to the benefit of all. 
Next...the real Alps....and then down, down down into hot Italy.

We'll continue our travels in Europe later in this blog.
But now...back to the radio business.


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