Friday, November 15, 2013

no "hate" groups today

where are the “hate” groups today?

It’s funny to me that some pundits today call the “Tea Party” a hate organization.  They don’t “hate” they’re just disgusted and I don’t blame them!
I grew up in an era of real hate.
The Klan burning crosses in the south...blacks not able to sit down to eat in southern Illinois...couldn’t get into schools...had to ride in the back of the bus...and had separate (but equal) water fountains in bus depots.
     But they were real good basketball players for Paris High School.  Two straight state championships around 1948 or so.  The great all state center on that team was a tall black guy named Bob Owens!  He was a friend to a little white kid who admired not just his ability to beat the big Chicago teams...but his attitude. He was always friendly toward me.
Willis Carto of Liberty Lobby who owned Spotlight and my first national network, “Sun Radio Net” out of Clearwater, Fl didn’t buy the holocaust. This is 1991-92...and I met Willis a couple of times...even had dinner with him.  
Willis wasn’t an “ogre”.  He didn’t seem any different than any other businessman to me and when he offered to buy me dinner one evening I readily accepted...regardless of his views. 
It was fun walking with him...he wanted to walk for the exercise. As we ambled the half mile to the Marriot I was joking with him about the JDL (Jewish Defense League) probably having an order out to "shoot him on sight."  I said: 
“This is interesting Willis...I’ll probably go down with you!”  
He just laughed. We didn’t discuss any issues...just had a nice meal.
What wasn’t funny was his organization was facing loads of law suits from the “Jewish” elements (lot of lawyers with money as you can guess)and costing him a pretty penny.  Another free speech issue.
Remember the crazy Cubans in Miami who wanted to change the constitution by blowing away Neil Rogers and me for being against the Cuban boatlift?  
Also...the top honcho at the network was pushing an IPO whatever that is and that cost money.
Meantime I kept going on the air all night and just kept picking up stations and more advertising and doing very interesting shows with Jim Marrs, Les Kinsolving and Bill Leavell and anticipating Jade’s calls to spice things up.

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