Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Remember (re-post)

...Just a note of Remembrance....

To our friends in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia 
(and all of the former Soviet Union)

MY father...Colonel Ralph H. Major served you well.
   As a Major (Major-Major!) at the time...around 1943-44 he was in Persia and Iraq in charge of building the airfields for the Leningrad/Stalingrad lend lease shipments which would be transshipped to you and help in our mutual cause to defeat the Germans!
   He should be a “Hero” to those of you who remember and appreciate that effort.
   We all honor those efforts and...
.........we did prevail.

 Ralph H.Major: Colonel US Army Corp of Engineers
 (Dec 15, 1895--Nov 4, 1991)

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