Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mexico's Pink Honeymoon Hotel!

Acapulco’s...honeymoon hotel.

In March of 1988 I proposed to Laurie...she accepted and we were off to Acapulco and the famous Las Brisas honeymoon hotel.
But before that we had secured the bridal sweet at the nice hotel near the Miami International Airport for the ceremony and festivities.
It was a small event...with Laurie’s sister, Alyssa...Neil Rogers, my best man, and her kids...Morgan and Jeff.  I think Jeff did the video taping.  Our lawyer was a JP so he conducted the short and sweet event...then we sat down to a scrumptious meal to cap off the night.
Neil picked up the tab for that...I was impressed!
The next morning right to the airport across the street and onto Mexican Airlines direct to Acapulco.
Las Brisas...the pink hotel (they even had pink jeeps for everyone) was on a small mountain overlooking the gulf and the city. Probably the most intriguing thing was each apartment had it’s own PRIVATE pool.  And I do mean private.  The pool/apartment was surrounded by high walls so if you desired to bathe problem.  Nobody could see you.
You could leave an order for coffee and pastry say at 8AM and they had a little “dumb waiter” thing near the door so they didn’t have to bother the honeymooners.  The goodies were left and stayed warm in there until we woke up and helped ourselves.
We wanted to try the dining room the first night so as we entered there was a young lady in Mexican garb handing you a glass of tequila and a lime.  Laurie belted hers down well...but I had a problem.  My honeymoon and maybe my life...hung in the balance.
I choked on the booze...and couldn’t breath!  I staggered over toward the bar and since I couldn’t speak...I made hand motions to the bartender for some water pointing at my neck.  He was on the ball...probably had experienced this before because of the very strong tequila and handed me a glass of water which I sipped until I got my throat cleared.
The funny part of all this was Laurie didn’t know about it!  Her brand new husband at the bar choking.....just as she was seated at our table.  I made my way there and she exclaimed “where were you...what happened?”
I sheepishly explained what happened and she laughed.
Everything else for the next few days went well.
Back in Miami somebody in the programming department at the station decided to bother us and I took a call one afternoon on the air.
They guy filling in for me “interviewed” me until I could hang up on him.  I thought that gimmick was in very poor taste.  It wasn’t Neil... apparently he had no part in it.
My first time doing my show back home I got a call on the air from Miami Vice’s Edward James Olmos...chidding me for not inviting him to the wedding ceremony. I was impressed.
So...the blonde won out...the ratings stayed up on the show(s) but little did I know what was in store next.  
Some rain clouds on the horizon you’d guess.  You’d be correct.

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