Tuesday, December 3, 2013

back to the radio merry-go-round

but why won't Rush admit he liked me!

         Still with Talkamerica Radio Net out of Boston...doing overnights and still on lots of stations but Art Bell is grabbing a few.
Went on the road to the big radio convention...the NAB, National Association of Broadcasters, in New Orleans...where my show was on the air  locally.  Did the show from a big hotel lobby and enjoyed the taste of New Orleans and the shopping again...like back in 1973.
Saw Bernie Shaw of CNN at the convention.  He said hello and rushed right by me...a big wheel now since Baghdad.  We worked together at all news WNUS Chicago.
The advertising was holding up...Gold Bond and Ovaltine still with me as always.  Neither Doug Stephan who followed me with his morning drive show nor I suffered from the crash of the Sonny Bloch network and his jailing.  Doug got us off his network just in time.
I was able to rent an office and broadcast from there and I had some visitors.  Doug at least one time and then during the 1994 election period Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham did a week or so of his afternoon national show in my studios. He ended up running for US Senator from Florida but didn’t make it.  Hugh seemed to be a nice guy....but I wasn’t a big Clinton fan.  In fact I used a bunch of comedy stuff about the Clintons done by a great group up in Washington D.C. called “The Capitol Steps”.  I used that stuff at the beginning of each hour...because it was so good...and it was great listening in the late night atmosphere.
Glad to see they are still going strong...mocking all...and having lots of fun.  Check their page here:


I also ripped off some comedy stuff Rush was using...but only the recorded album cuts not his special bits.  Some  artists (not Capitol Steps) finally asked me not to use their stuff because Rush didn’t like it so I obliged.  Didn’t want Rush to come down on me about it.  
I had the top rated radio show overnight in West Palm Beach for years and years on WBZT...and whipped Art Bell who was heard on the more popular station there...WJNO.  So Rush probably ignored Bell’s show and tuned me in from time to time...but he’d never admit it.  
     Speaking of ratings I did the same thing in Tampa.  WFLA was the top talk station and my show was stuck on their secondary station WHZN which during the day had no audience to speak of...but when I hit the air in Tampa I began to bury the big WFLA and finally they decided it would be better to dump me.             That’s smart, huh? That’s radio biz!   If they wanted to protect their huge ratings on WFLA they should have flipped my show over there...and their morning drive audience would benefit from that switch.  But it takes brains to figure that out.  
This was the same outfit that had a program director who signed with Bill Miller my affiliate guy to put my show on a huge 50,000 clear channel station and when HIS engineers screwed up and didn’t make the proper connection the PD heard me asking if they were on the air and he got pissed and he dropped me and the affiliation before it could begin.  Like I say...brains.
Welcome to the radio merry-go-round.


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