Friday, December 6, 2013

the good, bad, & awful

the good...the bad and the awful!

During the nearly 10 years of my national all night talk show I had three special guests.

the Good:  Bill Leavell

Dear Doc Leavell was the “good” here...he was on with me locally in Tampa and then when I started America’s FIRST live all night national show he easily made the move with me...appearing at least every two or three weeks.  He was a godsend for my show and very popular with my listeners coast to coast. He wrote a book “As Honest As Times Permit” which we promoted heartily for a year or so.

the Bad:  Jim Marrs

Jim was THE Kennedy assassination expert and we teamed on the Sun Network show and he very much helped me get established nationally.
He was also on regularly and I began putting together some cassettes with portions of our shows and sold them at a loss for the listeners.
The “bad” began when he informed me that Art Bell wanted him as a regular guest so he’d have to stop appearing on MY show.  This didn’t happen overnight but the more stations Bell got the more he pressured Jim Marrs about me. This was about a year or two into the show on three different networks.  So Marrs caved to Bell whom he saw as “on the way up” in stations.  Bell and his hot shot affiliate guy Julian Hudson, the Brit, were VERY combative about getting some of my stations.  We didn’t play that game.  
Marrs moved off and I went right on talking about the JFK thing with other impressive guests like: 
Penn Jones...dead witnesses...
Mae Brussell...the prolific author and researcher on JFK,
David of “Best Evidence” a top seller .
Vic Marchetti...former CIA
Harold Weisburg
Gary Shaw.....etc, etc,etc 
 the Awful:  Les Kinsolving

When I first went national all night there was an excellent guest about once a week from the Washington/Baltimore area...
Rev. Les Kensolving.  
Les was a nonconformist type guy...who pushed his way into White House press briefings partially using my show to open that door for him.
He wanted to be paid for appearing with me but I explained we were new and had no budget for guests.
One night after promoting his appearance for several days he called at the proper time to go on the air.  
He asked to speak to me off the air and when he did he asked if he could expect payment for appearing.
I said no...and about 30 seconds before he was to come on with me he abruptly hung up.
that/ the Awful. 
Now you know.

the Good...the Bad...the Awful 
      of the Stan Major Show.

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