Monday, December 16, 2013

it ain't over till it's over

Places to go & new cars to drive.....

For years and I do mean years,  I had added my insight into new cars you might want and new places to visit.

Two of my original conspirators from the old Sun Network had these two things covered but they welcomed my added observations on their shows.

I had been getting new cars to drive...a different one each week for years.  I have reviews for hundreds...all makes and models. 
I started this as soon as I returned from the Tampa area to my home in south Florida which would have been around 1993-94.  
Most of the info and reviews were used on Bob Long’s Autoworld Show..the longest running car show on radio.  He’s still going strong and although I stopped getting the cars a few years ago I still show up once in awhile to chat with him.  I am in constant contact with Bob as we are friends.

Then there was Ramsey Pollard and his long running travel show called Ramblin with Ramsey.  Ramsey was a good guy...a great “tourist” who could find places the magazine travel writers hadn’t dreamed of.  As with Bob Long...I joined Ramsey about once a month on his Sunday program and it was fun.

All this while I was still doing my all night show...but I considered it a complement from each guy to be welcomed as a guest.
Ramsey is retired now (I believe) but I may show up on Bob Long’s Autoworld one of these days. Here’s Bob’s link:

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