Monday, December 16, 2013

End of the All Nighter!

Back to the future....

Returning to my third network...Talk America which was based in Boston earlier but had been sold to a company out west in Portland.
No more Gold Bond and Ovaltine...Himmel had sold those brands earlier...and the new Talk America bosses wanted me to start my show at midnight Pacific time which meant 3AM where I was based in Florida (ugh!)
All this was around the middle of the new year of 2000...and it wouldn’t last long.
Bill Leavell and I had a great time with the new decade stuff and all the rumors about it....but it came and went and clocks kept ticking and nothing went on and didn’t skip a beat.
It was in this short period early in 2001...when I took to walking late at night...about 1 or 2AM and encountering this middle eastern looking guy and his wife in full Arab garb walking around this complex. (see my earlier posts about the 9-11 guys who got away).
After several months of running my show for four hours nightly the network either crashed or decided to shut down at midnight their time to save expenses or something and they told me I was off the air with them.  The only good thing was when I agreed to do my show for them they said I needn’t pay them for the time...they were happy for my services.
So when September 11, 2001 came I was no longer on the air.
But the world around us changed.

America’s FIRST LIVE all night talk show... 
“The Stan Major Show” lasted nearly TEN years.  I started it at the old Sun Network back in November 1991.  I was preparing for my tenth year anniversary but didn’t quite make it...nine years actually on five networks.
It was a gas!    But this is not over...stay tuned!

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