Thursday, December 26, 2013

long ago...and far away

My 8th grade pin up girl (in pain) :  Susan Peters?

The question mark is I’m still not sure. It was long ago and far away (my favorite 40’s song)...and my sister Sallee is sadly gone...she might have remembered.
I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I was taking a ride with my friend’s Dad out to a small creek we liked near my Effingham, Illinois home.
The father drove into a bumble bee nest....and not knowing just what to do..I panicked and got out and ran.  The bees zeroed in on me.
I was stung over twenty times and it really hurt.
Mom and Dad took me to the doctor and then home where I insisted that they let me sleep on a nice cool screened in patio rather than in my bedroom.  I was there about five days I think before I could even move a little bit.  And I would only eat red raspberries! 
For companionship I had seen this actress’ picture in a magazine and I cut it out and pinned it up on the wall where I could see it all the time.  I think it was Miss Peters...who (I didn’t know it then ) had an even worse mishap from a discharged rifle that paralyzed her and basically ended her career.                Anyway the brown eyes and hair reminded me of my first “crush” cousin Jerry in St. Louis so I liked it.
This was all going on at the height of the polio epidemic and the Doctor making a couple of house calls (remember those?) thought my immunity had dropped and I might have had a very light touch of THE polio disease.  After I got better he told my parents that IF I did get a touch of polio and was fine now...that meant I would never become afflicted with that terrible disease again.  Who knows.  The vaccine had not been developed yet.
I found Susan Peters pic(s) on a wonderful movie star website and here it is:

I also was able to identify a great old motion picture actor who gave me my first California driving test.  See next post on that!

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