Saturday, December 28, 2013

It might be, it could be, it IS!

Baseball broadcast legend Harry Caray and open mics...

I was a disc jockey at WGEM Quincy, Illinois back in the Harry Caray/St.Louis Cardinals era....long before the Cubbies.
About an hour before game time the St Louis engineer(s) would often test Harry and Joe Garagiola’s mikes and then leave them open.  
oh boy!
Harry was great at play by play...the best EVER in my opinion.  But he did have an eye for the ladies.
When he spotted one in the stands that impressed him he’d shout over to Joe:
“Look that the boobs on that blond would ya!”
It was fun for any anyone listening in cue (off the air we hope) on some 150 or more stations each day!
To paraphrase Harry Caray’s famous home run cheer:
“It might could is...a buxom blond!”
He WAS the best!

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