Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mrs.Major meets Streisand!

My wife meets the Barbra!

Sometime while Doug Stephan and I were piggybacking our talk shows on one of those networks I talked about before...Doug called me to say he had been invited to a special Barbra Streisand “event” in New York City but couldn’t attend.  He offered to get an invitation for my wife, Laurie and I to attend.  I agreed.  It would give us a chance to drop in on Himmel (Gold Bond/Ovaltine) and say hello.
Because of my appearances on Ramsey Pollard’s travel shows I got a nice suite free at the Hyatt Grand...at Grand Central Station which had recently opened.
We got all dressed up and I ordered a limo for the six block trip!
Barbra didn’t do much...no singing...but she did appear on stage for a time after the fancy slide show about her work...and of course we were all thrilled by her presence.
When she came down off the stage she started slowly circulating thru her fans chatting and seemingly having a good time doing it.  We were seated in the second balcony watching this and Laurie nudged me and said “I’m going to say hi to her.”
Well...you have to know my wife...right guys?  When they say they are going to do something like this they just go ahead full blast and that’s what she did.
I’ve spent a lot of time on the radio playing Streisand records but I wasn’t crazy enough to get up and follow Laurie.  
      Because Barbra was doing what she was...basically working the crowd as she slowly made her way out the theater...things were getting crowded down there.
So...I watched as Laurie slowly but surely(?) made her way through the throng toward the star....and finally right before Streisand could break away to make her exit from the theater...this good looking and very familiar blond from Florida took her by the hand and gave her a hug...and that was my wife doing that!
Good for her.....the only thing better for her would have been a hug for any of the Beatles she loved so  dearly.
We got back together because I was smart and never moved from our seats...so she could find me again.  

We walked the six blocks back to the hotel but I don’t think Laurie felt any sidewalk beneath her feet.
Thanks, Doug....it was a very good day!


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