Tuesday, December 17, 2013

stan's going, going, gone!

the final network....

In late 2002 Bob Long the car guy told me to contact the National Radio Network in Boston and talk to Alex Langer the President.  Bob said he was interested in possibly making a change on their am drive show.  This would be competing with my old friend Doug Stephan...but that’s the way things go in this biz.
National net owned stations in several huge markets including Boston, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh and the show was carried on KSDO SanDiego which was a deal maker as far as I was concerned.
Langer also made a deal with the Cable Radio Network to carry his shows.
So with a good board operator in Boston named Tim Mello we kicked it off at 6 am in morning drive and a few of my old stations came on board right away...WGNU St. Louis and WJNT AM & FM Jackson, Mississippi welcomed me back to their airwaves.  Also joining me was KFNX in Phoenix!
My station list was around 25 which was not bad for a start.  The internet was growing quickly and all National Net shows were on the web.
Doc Leavell came on with me a couple of times a month or even more so the talk was good and at least I sounded awake!  Other guests included Pat Buchanan and Lou Dobbs and I got on the selective list of authors and political big whigs so the show went fine.
It was later that year when Bill Leavell and I began the process of discussing the pro’s and con’s of all the Presidents of the United States. We would deal with one President a show...beginning with George Washington...and going all the way to George Bush.  
Doc had a knack of digging out unusual facts about these men and their wives and family and it made for great listening.  My only regret is that we didn’t make copies of this for a package that could be offered to listeners or even libraries for reference.
This series was the highlight of my national broadcasting experience.
We continued on in the early morning hours for a year but due to a lack of advertising (partly my fault) Alex Langer decided to end it.
I understood his problem as he was probably offered paying deals for network time.
We ended on a good note with me thanking Alex and Alex saying what a great guy I was.
He picked up Doug Stephan’s show.
I continued to get new cars to review and appeared on Bob Long’s Autoworld program for years.
don’t go away...it still ain’t over.


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