Friday, December 13, 2013

Rodney Dangerfield calls

Rodney Dangerfield calls....

So a real fan and regular listener to my show..Robert Ludlum tries two nights calling me...and finally gets through.  We had a great conversation.

Rodney Dangerfield also called....just trying to promote his new website.  He knew nothing about me or the show...he and his “entourage” were searching for live shows they could call to get some free promotion.
If you saw my writeup earlier when I was local in Miami and Dangerfield was on with me to promote a new flick(I guess) you’ll remember I ask him after the segment if he would tape a show promo for me and he refused.  That had never happened to me before and I had ask a lot of “stars “ bigger than Rodney and they agreed. did I handle this absurd call that the gentlemen I am.  I let him rave on for a minute or two about his new website (all the time not pausing so I could ask him any questions) and he ended the spiel and hung up without even thanking me!
An asshole once...and asshole twice.
The real Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect from me!

by the spell checker doesn’t know “Rodney” pops up with “rodent” as a correct replacement!  
How apropos!

    Next up...Martin Lawrence and Henry Rollins from the Miami set of 
Bad Boys 11

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