Wednesday, December 4, 2013

hey Rush-bo

speaking of Rush.....

Let’s pick on him for a moment.
Someone called him in the 90’s and actually got on the air asking him of his opinion of me.  (He probably fired the screener!)
He said “I don’t like his politics!”
What politics, Rush?  I voted Republican since about 1970....backed Pat Buchanan...and love Sarah Palin!
In fact...I want to see a Sarah vs Hillary contest in 2016...but no election....just let ‘em arm wrestle. Two out of three wins the Prez.  Sarah would win that one hands down.
And it’s not just because she’s my type...the brown hair and brown eyed raving beauty. And not just because I want to bed her...but that would be fun.  
She’s head and shoulders best in the GOP.(tell me someone else smarter)..and would set the commie pinko media whigs ablaze!   I can just see Saturday Night Live now.  You got to admit that would be fun.
Anyway...let a woman win for once.  Look what us damn idiot men have done to the country, right?  
I could even stomach Hillary...much smarter than 
O-bomb-ah...contingent on having someone from Hollywood do her hair.
So that’s my politics Rush. Ok?
I dare you to read this on the air.

As ever...Stan

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